How to ensure correct translation of ads?

Dear friends,
All your ads on the site are automatically translated into five European languages.
Translation is done by Google Translate, which requires correct data entry.
To be sure your ads are displayed correctly in all the languages, please remember to keep the following rules:
1. Write all the words in full, avoiding abbreviations.
The system in many cases will not understand your abbreviation and will just keep the word as it is.
Acceptable abbreviations are:    sq.m.   m2   km.   m.
2. Put space after each punctuation mark.
This is necessary for the system to separate the semantic parts (words and sentences) from each other.
Otherwise, the translation will be seriously corrupted.
3. Spell correctly.
Any spelling mistake will cause the system to misinterpret the word and will sometimes change the whole meaning of the sentence.
If you have any doubt about spelling, it's always better to consult a dictionary.
4. Make phrases as simple as possible.
Try to be logical, clear and unambiguous, so that even a robot understands you.
Have a nice day!