About Us

The newly opened international portal for real estate sellers and renters is proud to invite you to take part in our open project Rentator.com.

Rentator.com is a powerful database with highly usable interface and a unique search engine.
All basic operations with real estate are available now, including the short-term renting with reference to an online calendar.

Each item can be described in detail, using the standard fields and unlimited commentary.
Each advert can iclude photos, slideshows, videos, panoramas and precise positioning on Google Maps.
The street panorama view will also be shown, where possible.

The unique search engine we mentioned allows automatic translation of your message into 7 additional languages.
Soon after the publication your ad will appear in the Google index.
People throughout the world will be able to view your advert, increasing your customer potential.

Our site allows you to set your search by a variety of specification, allowing you to fine-tune your search, so you can browse only the ads that may interest you.
Personal account on Rentator.com is your virtual office.
Here you can post your personal information with photos and any contact details; including phone, email, Skype and physical address.

You can buy, sell, rent and lease, view real estate suggestions from individuals and correspond with them.
All letters can be forwarded to your personal mailbox or viewed in the account.
You have the option to receive notifications if someone is interested in your offer.
We are currently working on SMS-notifications which will be available in the near future.
Through your personally customized RSS-feed you can receive the information chosen by the specifications set by you.

In addition, our website lets you import all ads posted by you in the form of a CSV database, with photos and comments included.
We hope you'll find our site useful.

Kind Regards
Rentator.com team